Who am I .....

For still With no one ot help me and working from my own home kitchen

........and why am I called Eat My Cake London ?


 Hello, I'm Sarah and this is how my business was born.


After years of creative starvation, I found myself producing more and more lavish Halloween parties for my children. Gothic birthday cakes, cobweb biscuits and brain cupcakes.  For sanity's sake someone sugggested I put my energy into doing this for a living, so I decided to give it a go, and Eat My Cake was born. Later adding London to the name, to end customer confusion with the "Eat My Cake's" in Hong Kong and California!


However, the confusion with the name still persists, as there are now no cakes at Eat My Cake.

Biscuits quickly became the main focus of my business when my mascara biscuits (made for the Net a Porter Beauty launch) appeared in Stylist Magazine. The demand for biscuits soon took over and working on my own in a home kitchen I couldn't juggle both. The cakes were dropped and I became the full time biscuit machine that I am now.


I'm still working on my own in my home kitchen, but not for much longer, expansion is on the horizon with new premises, new biscuit ranges, staff and maybe a new name?


Victorian Gothic Wedding cake set of six brain cake with names Pumpkin Cakes three cobweb biscuits 096 Net-A-Porter Christmas Biscuits