Why does it take so long? Its all done by hand. We need time to work out designs. The royal icing and biscuit dough are made from scratch.  Icing the biscuits can't be rushed, each colour has to dry before applying the next and it takes several hours or overnight for royal icing to dry and harden. 

How long do they last? The best before three months.

Do you make gluten free or dairy free? Sorry, no. I work from a small kitchen so can't rule out cross contamination.

How are they packaged?  As standard, each biscuit is individually wrapped in a cellophane sleeve. We can also package in gift boxes, from small shallow boxes for individual biscuits to deep boxes for up to 30 biscuits.

How are they packaged for postage?We take great care in protecting the biscuits for transit using foam and bubblewrap and strong packaging to prevent mishaps.  If unfortunately any do arrive broken we will of course do our best to replace them time permitting.

Can you make less than 30 of one design? We have a minimum of 30 because the designing process is labour intensive. If its a design which has been made before then yes, I can sometimes do less than 30.

Do you make cookie cutters?  No. There is a link on "Craft Forum" saying that I do, but I'm afraid I don't make cutters for resale

I urgently need some bespoke biscuits for a meeting tomorrow, can you do this?  No, very sorry. They take at least two days to make. I can sometimes fit in last minute orders but generally need at least a weeks notice

How do I pay? Either by direct bank transfer or by paypal.

I've tried to call! I work on on my own most of the time and often have an icing bag in my hand and a deadline. Its not always possible to answer the phone. Please email, I always try my best to answer these as soon as possible.

I can't attach photos on the enquiry form. If you have any attachments or visuals which you need to send, ie examples of biscuit designs or a colour scheme, please use my email.

Can I collect my order. Yes of course, but its a home run business, so just let me know when is a convenient time and we can organise it.

Do you have a shop? No, but I but I have an online storefront at, where you can buy individual biscuits . 

Do you deliver overseas. Sorry, no.

Do you do wholesale? No

Do you do icing classes? No, sorry, not at the moment. 

Can you make some bespoke biscuits  for our event in return for social media exposure. Sorry, but I prefer to be paid, happy to quote.

Do you do other flavours.  No, sorry I just have the one recipe.

What are the biscuit ingredients? Wheat flour, unsalted butter, sugar, free range eggs.

Does the royal icing contain raw egg whites? No , we  use "meriwhite"  also known as meringue powder which is made from pasteurised egg whites. So quite safe for mums-to-be or young children